Country Roads Club is Maranatha’s unique bus ministry. Every week on Sunday night, we pick up children from around our local community for a church program that is specially tailored to their spiritual needs.
What is the program like?
Country Roads Club is for ages 5 to 18. Your child will be picked up from their home on the bus. As soon as they arrive at the church, they will be given a nutritious and delicious supper. After supper, your child will participate in a Bible lesson, a memory verse learning time, and a game time in our gym.
What areas do you cover?
Our bus routes cover most of the local area (Sissonville, WV). Here is a list of everywhere that our buses stop:
Route 2
Plantation Road / Clearview Hgts. • 4:50pm
Martins Branch / Shasta Drive • 5:00pm
Sand Hill Trailer Park • 5:05pm
Rena Drive • 5:10pm
Wolf Pen • 5:15pm
Honaker Drive • 5:20pm

Route 3

Sissonville View / Elementary • 4:55pm
Long Meadow Drive • 5:05pm
Jenna’s Landing Apartments • 5:10pm
Meg Village Apartments • 5:15pm
Ferrell Trailer Park • 5:20pm
* If you do not live in any of these areas, but you do live nearby, please
give us a call at 304-984-9514, and we will do what we can to pick you up!